Wetlands are at the heart of life itself – but in the Mediterranean, our wetlands are in crisis.


of Mediterranean wetlands have been destroyed in the last 50 years, and the wetlands which are remaining are degraded or damaged.


million people of the Mediterranean population have made coastal areas their home.

Our planet is heating up fast. And this, combined with an ever-growing global population means that restoring and conserving our remaining wetlands has never been more urgent.

Wetland-Based Solutions is a free-to-access resource and information platform put together by expert scientists, analysts and specialist organisations to assist decision-makers, managers in protecting and restoring these vital ecosystems

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233,146 ha


330,706 ha

of Mediterranean wetland area is in need of restoration


Source: Assessment and identification of potential wetlands to be restored in Mediterranean countries. WWF Spain & MAVA Foundation.

The “MedWetland Watchers” mobile app

Help us identify wetlands in need of restoration!

The new app MedWetland Watcher allows scientists, technicians, nature lovers and citizens to contribute to the conservation of nature in the Mediterranean by reporting wetlands that are threatened and in need of restoration. By sharing their observations, each user can report the presence of wetlands worthy of protection, providing useful information for scientific knowledge and for starting of protection actions.

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