Healthy coastal wetlands

Thriving coastal wetlands: nature-based
solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises

Welcome to the
Wetland-based Solutions project

Coastal Wetlands offer unique nature-based solutions to some of our most pressing challenges, and benefit people, wildlife and local economies alike.

We are a group of more than 30 specialist wetland organisations who have come together in a ground-breaking initiative to save, restore and manage these vital ecosystems.

How do we work

Science to action

Our work is guided by the latest science and is focused on action on the ground. We develop our own research studies, and create networks across the Mediterranean to increase knowledge of wetlands and share practical lessons from the field.

Policy processes and tools

We play a leading role in regional wetlands governance, taking an active part in all major conventions and processes. We use our specialist knowledge and skills to develop tools and resources which help decision-makers address wetland protection, restoration and management challenges.

On the ground solutions

We’re currently implementing wetland-based solutions in Albania, France, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, Tunisia, and on islands off Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and Cyprus. Our aim is to develop and share replicable models, inspiring and supporting others to take action across the Mediterranean.


Latest stories


Past, present and future: Mediterranean wetlands in everyday life

Past, present and future: Mediterranean wetlands in everyday life

Ghar el Melh is among Tunisia’s most precious coastal heritage. It was the first North African and Middle Eastern city to receive Ramsar’s Wetland City Accreditation Award, in recognition of its formal engagement in efforts to support wetland protection and sustainability, and the area is drawing increasing numbers of visitors as it becomes better known.

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Ghar El Melh, un joyau à polir …

Ghar El Melh, un joyau à polir …

Ghar El Melh, une région côtière au nord-est de la Tunisie, se situe à une cinquantaine de kilomètres de Tunis. Région, car Ghar El Melh n’est ni une ville, ni un village. Ghar El Melh est d’une rare richesse qui se décline en une histoire atypique, un écosystème d’une diversité particulière, des métiers pérennisés et transmis et des traditions cultivées et nourries.

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