Coastal wetlands of Oristano (Italy). © MedWet / C. Amico 

Training on “Ecological wetland restoration” for wetland managers and practitioners​

Jul 6, 2022 | Resources, Webinars

This online training was organised by Tour du Valat, with the support of MedWet, in the framework of the project “Strengthening the restoration of Mediterranean Wetlands for nature and people”, coordinated by WWF Spain and financed by MAVA Foundation.


François Mesléard, Hugo Fontes, Loïc Willm, Brigitte Poulin, Gaëtan Lefebvre and Marc Thibault (Tour du Valat).

Date: From 20 to 22 June, 2022.


Lisa Ernoul, Tour du Valat


Main topics:

The following topics were covered during the training:

  • Restoration history and theoretical framework;
  • Experiences and practices of Mediterranean wetland restoration;
  • Nature-based solutions;
  • Restoration adapting to climate change (Mar-o-Sel); and
  • Three site visits (Former saltworks, temporary marshes of Camargue and Caissaire)


Restoration history and theoretical framework:

  • Short history of restoration
  • Why restore?
  • Ecological restoration
  • Restoration ecology

Rehabilitation, creation, restoration

  • Virtual site visit (Former saltworks)


Experiences and practices of Mediterranean wetland restoration

  • examples of restoration of Mediterranean wetlands: from simple actions to complex processes based on a scientific approach when recreating a wetland
  • Plan the restoration

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Virtual site visit (Temporary marshes of Camargue)


Restoration adapting to climate change (Mar-o-Sel)

  • Virtual site visit (Cassaire)

The french version of this training is available on in this link.

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