Screenshot of the home page of the ”MedWetland Watchers” app

Help us to preserve and restore Mediterranean wetlands – Become one of the MedWetland Watchers

Coastal wetlands offer unique nature-based solutions to some of our most pressing challenges, and can benefit people, wildlife and local economies alike and are essential habitats for the survival of numerous endemic and threatened species.

The involvement and participation of everyone is necessary for the restoration and sustainable management of the Mediterranean wetlands.

The new app MedWetland Watcher allows scientists, technicians, nature lovers and citizens to contribute to the conservation of nature in the Mediterranean by reporting wetlands that are threatened and in need of restoration.

By sharing their observations, each user can report the presence of wetlands worthy of protection, providing useful information for scientific knowledge and for starting protection actions.

The app allows to:

  • upload a brief report and photos to point out wetlands in need of protection or restoration;
  • report “new” wetlands, not yet surveyed, to integrate the inventory of the Mediterranean;
  • share observations of wetland-related species and habitats;
  • receive feedback and guidance from wetland scientists and wetland managers;
  • read reports uploaded by other community members; and
  • get to know wonderful natural areas around the Mediterranean.

MedWetland Watchers can be used on any device and can be downloaded for free from the Android and iOS stores.

Ghar El Melh, Tunisia. Photo: © MedWet/C.Amico